Thursday, August 27, 2009

goodbye korea

this is my last post from south korea. it's crazy that it's been a year. and while i'm very ready to go to school and move forward with becoming a teacher... i don't want to leave. i like it here. i like life here, a lot.

ever since i thought of going back to school for elementary education, i've considered coming back here an option. lifechurch sunday services are held at an international school called gsis. and i have friends that work there now. well, lately it's becoming a more forefront option. definitely something i'll be looking into and praying about for the next year. anyone want to come back with me?? :)

this past week has flown by. not only have i been preparing to leave, i've also been helping transition two new teachers to slp. they have been following me and another teacher around all week. it's been fine, but mostly i'm thankful that tomorrow i'll have my classes to myself one more time to say goodbye. it's going to be a very hard day. i'll have goodbyes lasting through the entire day. mostly it's three classes i'm very sad to be leaving. both my preschool classes, and my old preschool class. theyre all amazing kids and i wish i could follow them all around and make sure they get only the best things in life. but i guess that's part of teaching... or so i'm told. something else i'll have to learn, on top of the goodbye thing. i'm pretty good at that already though.

in case it's not been made clear... here's what's next for me:
tomorrow is my last day as a teacher at slp. at 10am on saturday i fly out of seoul and arrive into chicago at 3:30pm on saturday. i will sleep at home and then sunday morning i move to columbia city, indiana. i am living with ruthie and melissa duttweiler. i start classes on monday. yes, like monday august 31. i will take classes for fall '09 and spring '10. i will student teach fall '10. in december '10 i will be an elementary teacher.

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