Tuesday, August 4, 2009

it's august.

i'm back in korea and i can't believe that i was even gone for the past week.

my family and friends had the coolest surprise i've ever received waiting for me at the airport. kady! i was so amazed and thankful to have her around for the week. and what a week it was.
-coldstone outing...
-craig's goodbye party
-crazy carnival ride! (ask about that sometime)
-hair cut and new drivers license
-packing, moving and unpacking in columbia city
-roadtrip to st. louis, LUKE'S WEDDING
i seriously can't believe i was home. and i can't believe i only have a month left...

even after just a week, it was so good to be back with my kids. i love them so much and i have so much fun watching them grow up and realizing how much english theyre actually learning. i'm going to miss them TONS! well certain ones more than others. i'm starting to wonder how much i'm going to miss my coworkers, church and friends, and actually korea. i really like living here. but i dont know how much of it is liking korea and how much of it is liking living as a foreigner. when i was home and was sharing with person after person about living here... i started to realize when i was describing it, that a lot of what i was saying was similar to my life in the DR. maybe it's all just related to living in a foreign country... somehow. i find it easier. and more comforting. weird, but not sure how to explain.

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