Sunday, June 21, 2009

when letters arent enough

it's a sunday afternoon. i didnt make it to church this morning. i probably shouldve. its been a rough week and i really enjoy my time at lifechurch and the people there. but i just didnt have the drive to get up and go today.
yesterday xstina and liz were great. because our beach plans got cancelled on account of the beginning of monsoon season, they declared the day as "beth must have fun day." we ended up going into the city to gangnam to COEX. its the biggest underground mall in asia. and well, i'm pretty sure everyone in asia was there yesterday. i love the crowds, but i think it was getting to the girls. but they were good sports and pushed through. our first stop was the bookstore. we enjoyed sitting in there for an hour, finding books and eventually all walking out with one book. so to add to my list...i'm now reading brief encounters with che guevara. next we headed to find a movie to watch. we got tickets to see the taking of pelham 123. then we went to uno's for some amazing deep dish pizza. well, pretty good...not the same as giordanos though. we got some starbucks before the movie. it was pretty intense, but really interesting. it was fun seeing john travolta like that...haha.
our new coworker gets in today. his name is bryan schuetz. i guess they call him schuetz (shoots) instead of bryan. he gets five days of following teddy around before teddy takes off. its gonna be weird without him at school. definitely quieter. :)
68 more days

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i just bought a new cd on itunes. thanks lukie. its a cd by stephen kellogg and the sixers--bulletproof heart. music suggest by my cousin...and 4 starred by me. just in case you wanted to check it out.

yesterday we had a field trip to Herb Land. we were on the bus for about 45 min to get there. it was sort of ridiculous, but we had fun on the bus. when we got there, all the kids sat in a lil green house at tables and we made soap. here's a video of the kids mixing the oils, water and scrapings.
the kids seemed to have fun making it. they were a lil concerned about getting the hands messy at first, but it was fun. even the teachers got all messy. then we helped them put their names and decorate them with leaves and flowers. i kind of wish i had one myself. we served them lunch there and then ran around the green house a bit.the ride home was a bit more difficult. i put four of my 6 boys in the back of the bus and then sat in front of them with the other two and sarang. the ride home took an hour and by the end of it i was more angry with troy than i had ever been in the past 9 months. he would not listen!!

i have an open class tomorrow. i wrote up my lesson plan for it today. i seem ready...but im putting a lot on the kids. its my best class...jenny, jo, john, coral, ayoung. so i have a lot of faith in them...but its still a lot riding on a bunch of 7yr kids. kay (head teacher) was telling me that i shouldnt care if their whole class pulls out to go to another school. i tried to explain to her that i love these kids and theyre my favorites...and i'd just be really sad. she didnt get it. i dunno. its hard to explain how i feel about some of these kids. well... some of them. like yesterday...on the bus ride home from the field trip. sarang fell asleep on me. i kept having to move her bc i had to deal with other kids. but she slept through it all. she's so small. she's so precious. she's a handful. but through it all, i've gained her trust. she's like a mini-me. so i know its a big deal to have her trust. and i was realizing all this as i looked down at her. she'll probably not remember me in 5 yrs, but i'll always remember her. and i prayed for her right then. that someone would always love her like i do. always care for her as a person...even beyond what her parents can give her. and that someone would be there when she starts asking the big questions...someone with the right answers. and that He would just keep her safe and miraculously help form her into a better person, even though her environment isnt that great. ugh. hopefully when i become a teacher i wont get this attached to my kids.

Monday, June 1, 2009

a waegook's monday

its monday. i was at work until 8pm today. suck. but as i walked out of the building i was met by a cool breeze. for the past week or two its reached at least 85* everyday. and the heat holds on forever here. its like the air doesn't know how to shift or something. the air here. what an experience. i'd equate it to visiting the hospedaje in the DR... just something you've gotta experience to understand. but tonight was different. tonight it wasn't so much the smell in the air, as the water. it was like breathing rain. but different. i mean, when it rains the moisture has formulated into droplets so as to not take up every minuscule part of the sky, but tonight...i was breathing in water. thick. yeah, thick.
i stopped to get a potato sandwich and ice latte from joes. on my way home i literally passed a guy on a motorbike. its crazy how many people walk everywhere here, but its amazing what some of them will do to get away from the walking. oh, and i also saw a guy on a regular bike drinking his cass (beer). a monday. at 8pm. gotta appreciate korea.
my apartment is warmer. my lil thermometer still reads 80* despite leaving all windows open and having all electricity turned off all day. i actually cleaned up a bit last night. i've packed up my winter apparel so i'll have less to do in july. but its amazing the floor space i've gained by doing some cleaning and sorting's like i'm living in a new apartment! <--that was just for you mama ;)
i've officially been accepted to grace college as an undergrad transfer student. that's weird. being a student again. especially after being a teacher and so flippantly giving homework to the kids. maannnnn! haha
well this is my off week for open classes. but we've got may session reports to do on every kid and as always--lesson plans. they are starting to become the bane of my existence. not good. especially bc i'll be doing them for the rest of my life. and probably a lot more extensive than i do them now.
maybe i'll get to wear my snazzy new rain boots tomorrow.