Sunday, November 8, 2009


it's november and it's 65* outside! the sun is shining and the breeze is nice and it's a good day. ruthie and i planned a picnic for melissa on the perfect day... we had crackers and cheese and pb & j... we took pictures and funny videos and THEN! there was a snake! ...i HATE snakes!

so i'm past the half way mark on this semester and it feels pretty nice. i'm pretty sure i'll make it through all my classes with the required grades, maybe not much better than the requirement, but it doesn't matter that much now. i have my schedule for next semester and i will no longer have to wake up at 6:15am!! woohoo and i will again have all my classes with my friend lena. at this point i'm about 70% sure i want to do my second half of student teaching at scs in the DR... but i could still use some prayer about this decision.

in the past month i've been able to visit iwu, oklahoma and michigan. i've seen michelle, hannah, dianna, steph, andrea, julia, ashley, rachel, amanda, jess boyce, kady, david, jess jenness, caryn and brittany. and lots more. but it's been great and i've loved getting to catch up with all these friends who i havent gotten to see for over a year. even though traveling around to see everyone is hectic (and the oklahoma roadtrip was a bit crazy), in the end i feel so blessed to continue to have these people in my life. :)

ok. ruthie and i are on to our next adventure: second hand store and second hand bookstore in ft wayne...