Thursday, March 25, 2010

well it hasn't been my day...

...let's hope it doesn't develop into my week, my month, or even my year.

let me just rip the bandaid off quickly instead of drawing it out. i'm sick--can't breathe, can't sleep. i had to wake up at 6am. i was the only volunteer to run my business. i only had 3 of 4 students to run the business. a girl made fun of me to my face for the immaturity or indecency of texting. someone backed into my car in the parking lot. my second season of the west wing has two discs 1 and zero discs 2.
on the flip side though, the girl at arby's gave me 4 packets of sauce. so i guess that almost cancels everything else out.

you ever feel like you have a plan? and this plan is great. it's got all the bases covered. it's neat and tidy. it fits in a file folder with lil tabs (or post-its!). and the best part is it's for the good of others.
but then... then you realize:
you are the only one in the plan.

Friday, February 26, 2010

you ever feel overwhelmed by problems? i mean, not your own. cuz generally i feel productive enough to fix those. but other people's. and their problems are everywhere. and they're big. and you can't do anything about them. i mean, yeah prayer. and really, i know it's important and works. but somehow i still feel helpless...or more like not helpful to them. i guess it's good because it makes doing the small things even more rewarding. i mean, i have to look for the small things to do for people because i can't do anything about the big stuff.

so i realized something this past month. i am pretty normal. i mean considering. i realized that this year has brought about change in the last 3 things that had been constants in my life. my immediate family changed with a wedding. my old school family changed with fighting. and my missionary family changed with a resignation. but i'm stable. normal. and life is great. ya know, considering.

ok, so news. i'm going to santiago for 2 months! its not until the end of october, but believe you me, the countdown has started. i've got ants in my pants. i'm doing my student teaching down there at SCS. more than anything i'm excited about getting to be a part of the vallette family again. even after 8 yrs, i still miss seeing them and doing holidays and family functions without them. AND now they have a new addition. i cant wait to meet baby Jason!