Thursday, March 25, 2010

well it hasn't been my day...

...let's hope it doesn't develop into my week, my month, or even my year.

let me just rip the bandaid off quickly instead of drawing it out. i'm sick--can't breathe, can't sleep. i had to wake up at 6am. i was the only volunteer to run my business. i only had 3 of 4 students to run the business. a girl made fun of me to my face for the immaturity or indecency of texting. someone backed into my car in the parking lot. my second season of the west wing has two discs 1 and zero discs 2.
on the flip side though, the girl at arby's gave me 4 packets of sauce. so i guess that almost cancels everything else out.

you ever feel like you have a plan? and this plan is great. it's got all the bases covered. it's neat and tidy. it fits in a file folder with lil tabs (or post-its!). and the best part is it's for the good of others.
but then... then you realize:
you are the only one in the plan.


  1. You got to watch sunrise. You can run a business by yourself. Only 3 students bugged you for help all day. You have friends who care enough to text you. Your favorite team's plate saved your bumper from a dent.
    It's all about the prospective you take on things.

    PS. And you got to see me. I mean, come on!
    PPS. Can't help with the sickness part. There is no bright side to it. It sucks. Get better soon.

  2. What business? I'm sorry you had a bad day. Hope today is better!