Saturday, September 26, 2009


"I'm glad i never lived next to the water
So I could never get used to the beach
And I'm glad I never grew up on a mountain
To figure out how high the world could reach
I love the miles between me and the city
Where I quietly imagine every street

For some the world's a treasure to discover
And your scenery should never stay the same
And they're trading in their dreams for explanations
All in an attempt to entertain"
---good ol' jonny mclaughlin

wow, could those lyrics be any LESS true for how i feel about indiana and where i live. i'm back, except i'm not back in northwest indiana, but out in the cornfields. i'm not just feeling the culture shock of living in the states again, but now i'm figuring out this whole country road and rural people living thing. oh. and i've got roommates again. i mean, theyre great ones, if you've gotta have some...but its weird having to SHARE space, food and time with people again.

so, update: i'm at grace college for transition to teaching (elementary education). i'm taking 16 hrs this semester and my classes are ridiculous, but i've got the whole student thing down again. except so far not up the the standards i had previously in school life...thanks to biology. this coming week i've got a music teaching lesson, three tests, and two papers.

and this weekend...crystal's here!! right now we're all watching dirty dancing. ya know, in honor of patrick swayze. tomorrow we're going shopping in ft wayne. and jenny's meeting up with us. it'll be good to spend time with the girls..its been a while. and there's lots to catch up on :)

earlier tonight i was busy stalking one of my friends on facebook/blog. and saw that he was talking about if he could do anything... and earlier i was talking to michelle about direction... it just makes me think about how frequently i've changed my mind on that. and now, i'm spending oh so much money on a new 'plan' but what if i take another trip somewhere and change my mind again? am i just supposed to stay put until i can go on with the current plan so i dont screw it up? but the reality is...i want to travel, but how do i decide which thing i want more?

and why does everything in that paragraph say "i" ?

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  1. Hi, Beth!
    I wish I had discovered your blog while you were still in K.
    Surely all the teaching experience will prove helpful come st. teaching time.
    Transitions and cultural adjustments are not easy, and it's only been a month. Give yourself time. Y, adelante, querida Beth!
    Que Dios te bendiga!